Greek American, born in Oak Creek (not far from the headwaters of the Yampa River) I was a student of Chinese in College, love books, nature and gardening (which is my profession as administrator at a large Western public botanic garden). You may hear echoes of the Cretan highlands where my grandfather was born. My name is defiantly Sphaciot–we were never conquered by Roman, Turk or German.

I have written poems for half a century, a few of which persist on this website. A major theme is Istanbul/Constantinople, where my paternal ancestors once lived. Rum, as it should better be known, is the most poetic of large cities in my book.

There are many intrusions from nature and flowers, which are my business, but also nods to Russian and Spanish literature, which I love almost as much as American and English and French.

My style is oblique at times, and somewhat baroque–I love mosaic, patterning and baroque music and all things dappled, a la Gerard Manley Hopkins.


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